Saturday, August 23, 2014


.. a day in 'France'

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Coffee on the Table Cafe

Finally.... the visit at Coffee on the Table Cafe! It has always been in my list ever since I saw people posting about 3D coffee art available in that cafe. You know, these days people are willing to spend so much on trying or more on capturing photos of coffee art. lol. Me myself is not a fan of coffee but I still want to taste it so badly! ;D

I must say the presentation of the coffee was very presentable, and the taste wise was thick enough as well. Just that by the time we had our first sip the coffee was cold already. Lol. It cant be blame much taking into accounts the time wasted for them to design the 3D art in addition of the time consumed for us to serve the camera first. lol. Price range is about RM 13 - RM 15 per cup. 

However, during our visit they were having some tea time set promotion until 6 pm that includes either 1 tea of your choice / 1 3D coffee art + the selected dessert / cake of the day for RM 18. 

 Cake of the day. Oreo double cheese (If im not wrong) with complimentary ice cream, mangoes and well cut strawberry as maybe decoration? lol. 

We ordered their Egg Atlantic as well, I think because we were really hungry after walking a distance to find the shop. It was really delicious and worth trying!! (Again, maybe because we were hungry wtf)

(Some error make this picture cant be rotated, lol) 

 Close up Egg Atlantic - RM 18

Location : 
No 164, Lebuh Pantai
10200 Penang

(Its along the road as Chinatown)


A wefie! Till then.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

2014 May 13th

Tsk tsk.. Shame on me for abandoning the page of mine for months! Last semester was seriously the most hectic semester (as of till now) ever. I never felt so exhausted in rushing papers, assignments and tests all packed together in last few weeks of last semester. Damn. Plus the crazy hazy condition we encountered last few months in KL which leads to le blogger to fell sick so frequent, and not to forget the water rationing! Oh my... don't remind me. It was beastly HORRIBLE. I could remember the worst incident I encountered during the period was when I had diarrhea and gastric both at the same time during the wee hours, around 4 am. Imagine every morning waking up the first thing you do is rush to the toilet and try on the water tap hoping that there's water available. lol.

Alright, out of topic. Back to the main topic as in the title stated I'll be blogging about the BIG day of my special someone (ahems), which is about 2 months ago. lolllllll.

It was just a simple celebration though, but coincidentally his birthday fell on a public holiday which gave us the opportunity to hang out for the first half day and the another half back to studio in rushing our homeworks, lol. What I mean by hang out was more like a 'makan' day for us since both of us crave for some nice and scrumptious delights after being jailed in doing homework for most of the day (mehs). Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine is our choice mainly because we love buffet so much lol, cause we can eat non stop continuously for 3 hours wtf and we are a fan of Jap food as well, lol so... perfect place!

Food spam from varieties of sashimi, sushi, hotpots, grilled salmon (etc), traditional chicken soup, chawanmushi, oysters, and lots more. Nyyumms! 

After spending half of our day there, its time to get our ass back to work at studio. Must be wondering why no cake cutting huh? Cause we were too full from our lunch so we had another mini celebration back at our studio just right before the clock strike 12 am. lol. 

Just macarons and red velvet cheese cake, a simple celebrations and I hope he did enjoyed himself as much as I do. :)

Loves :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Steam n Grill Burger @ Setiawalk

After long awaited, finally had the chance to tried on their burgers at Steam n Grill Burger, Setiawalk. Had been listening to plenty of comments and reviews to try on their Otak Burger, so I was really quite excited to try on it! :)

We reached the place around 1 in the afternoon and guess what, I think we are the first customer to step in their shop? Erp. Lucky no.1 in a positive note and 'Y-NO-CUSTOMER, NOT-NICE-IZIT" on the negative note :x 

Otak burger in set, as usual comes with fries and soft drink. The charcoal bun texture is soft, the otak as well, spicy and rich in its fragrance.  

And... carbonara. Shit us to enter a burger speciality shop to order their carbonara.. lol. But was considered not too bad as well.. Because I'm simply a spaghetti person! ^^

Till then, the shop is located at Setiawalk, front row second floor. Took us quite some time to find it for the first time previously.